Q S L  I n f o r m a t i o n

Please send all QSL's direct to my QSL manager Phil Whitchurch G3SWH. For his contact information, please visit his website where you can also search my online logbook.

Phil G3SWH, is my new QSL manager following the sad passing of Graham M5AAV, who handled all my QSL requests for both my M5BXB and OK8XB callsigns up to March 2008. 

Please QSL only if it is important for you to receive my card for you to claim an award, DXCC or Locator first etc...

Visit G3SWH website here


These QSL cards are printed by Tony LZ1JZ. Visit his website for more information www.LZ1JZ.com

Electronic QSL's such as eQSL's will NOT be replied to. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Also, I regret that no logs are kept for M5BXB/M. As I am usually driving, it is impossible to keep a /M log, therefore, confirmation of QSO cannot be made by QSL card. QSL requests for contest QSO's are now possible as they are now imported into the main log as from April 2008 only. Logs for contests before this date are no longer available.

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