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Here you will find a selection of audio files and links. Remember to turn on your speakers!

Tony Hancock's "The Radio Ham" Radio version

CQ Serenade - Song

The Ham Band Video - Song with video. This is a MUST...very funny.

Space Station QSO - On Saturday 14th January 2006, at 18:09 UTC, M5BXB contacted NA1SS on 437.550MHz FM simplex.

M5BXB with G6TGO
- Recorded by Ian G6TGO in Manchester. This is one of our many 2m QSO's. You can hear how the QSB kicks in.

M5BXB with HA5PT - Recorded by HA5PT. This is our first QSO on 6m. As 6m was not allocated at that time in Hungary, the QSO was made 6m/10m X-band.

M5BXB with HA5PT - Recorded by HA5PT. Our first 2-way QSO on 6m during the 4 week experiment in Hungary.

M5BXB with PA3GEG - Recorded by PA3GEG Our QSO on 40m.

M5BXB received on 6m by YO9HOW - Youtube video recorded by YO9HOW.

M5BXB with SM7YES - Recorded by Ruud Vos SWL13562 from Netherlands. This was a 2m QSO on 29th December 2019.

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